Welcome to Jordon Forster Fitness, My aim as a coach is to help guide you in the right direction but ultimately let you make the decisions.


I will work tirelessly to provide you with the support you need and educate you in all aspect’s health and fitness.

I believe that working with me will give you the platform to succeed and achieve your goals.


One size does not fit all, all my programmes will be designed to suit you and your requirements, whatever they may be. From adding kg’s onto your pb’s or just being more functionally sound on a day to day basis.


Finally I want to make changing your lifestyle as enjoyable and sustainable as I possibly can.




I am a professional football player and have been for the last 10 years, I have played for clubs like Hibernian, Cheltenham, Plymouth argyle and Dundee. I love what I do but I have a burning desire to help other people realise their full potential in all thing’s health related.


I have been surrounded by well-educated coaches all my life and I feel it has given me a real insight as to how to get the best out of people in different situations. In my job you are expected to be a certain way and you are judged about everything you do, I feel that a lot of people can relate to this now in terms of health and fitness. There is an expectation of everyone to look a certain way, train a certain way or eat a certain way and I want to help people break down these barriers and emphasise that one shoe does not fit all.


I have been there, injuries are part of my profession but when I ruptured my Achilles in a game, I soon realised that one freak accident could take it all away...


I could not train for months and I began to see my lifestyle ditearate. I started overeating, sleeping less, lost all motivation and inspiration to be who I wanted to be. I got myself in a very bad place physically and mentally. So, I now feel that I can understand and relate to how a lot of people feel when things are spiralling out of control which puts me in a great position to use my knowledge and experience to help them.

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Not ready to commit to online coaching...this e-book has 16 different high intensity workouts included. Designed to raise your heart rate and get as much bang for your buck as possible.



A months worth of recipes.

Easy to follow, calorie and macro guided and all scannable to Myfitnesspal. A great way to get a hold of your nutrition and begin to change your habits.


An e-book which will educate you on all things calories, allowing you to understand why you are eating what you are eating. Education is what a lot of people lack when it comes to nutrition and this e-book will boost your knowledge.


Included in this package is my

met-con, recipes and understanding your calories e-books.


A six week programme designed to help you maximise results in the close season or when returning from injury. 3 sessions per week all explained fully with mobility included. The programme is broken down into 2 week segments which focus on different areas of strength to work on. Specific to improving strength and power in the lower body.

Jordon Forster Fitness

Before we get started, we will have a call to go through a number of different topic such as your programme, diet, sleep, daily commitments ect. I try to get as much info as possible and ask for you to be honest as you can. I will then send you a form to fill out, here you will talk about your goals, current habits and what you want from me, your coach.



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"After some time I finally decided to get in touch with Jordon. It was the best move I have made in a long time. At first I was very nervous of what to expect, not only from Jordon but from me myself, I was pretty unfit but stuck in a rut and knew I had to make changes.

From the first call with Jordon he put me at ease and was very supportive of the changes I wanted to make for myself and I was sure it was the right thing for me. Jordon has taught me new things about lifestyle changes, fitness routines, how to balance my diet and made me feel confident to make the changes, knowing he is never far away with a phone call or text should I need it. I look forward to the future and what it hols for me, thanks to Jordon Forster Fitness."


"Jordon has been very beneficial to me in the time that we have worked together. He has helped me gain a better understanding of how to improve myself in all aspects of health and fitness. He is very supportive and is always happy to answer any questions that I may have or just have a general chat on a daily basis. He makes wanted to improve very enjoyable which makes it easier for me to have the motivation to succeed. I'm looking forward to what the future holds now and I've not been this optimistic in a long time!"


"So little under two years ago I decided I was going to change my way of life. Fast forward almost two years, 21kg lighter and maintained for a substantial period of time I needed a fresh incentive, something to kick me on through what felt like a plateau.

Throughout lockdown I spent time looking at different ways of training, various home workouts etc and Jordon’s online content was always spot on - however more than anything it was relatable and honest.

When the opportunity came up to chat about getting involved with online coaching I was more than apprehensive, unsure what I expected, what did Jordon expect, how legit was the process- however Jordon could not have put me more at ease. The personable ‘relationship’ for me was the biggest hurdle, after one conversation that doubt was put to bed. Jordon’s approach, communication, enthusiasm, content, meal options, COMMITMENT has been superb. For me it’s still the early days of working with Jordon however, already I can see and feel the difference. Cannot wait to see what happens going forward!!"




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Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

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